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Where are you in the #Job Race?

#Run #Smart #Gotkaam

Life is a race… and it’s always the first come first served!! If you are late, then be sure to be ‘Never’! Yes, it’s most likely you would get a SORRY response.

It’s not only about being an early riser, but also being proactive and ‘Smart’. When you go to a vegetable market, the more early you go, the more probability to get the veggies fresh, and the later you are, sure to be left with rotten stuffs. Someone needs to be always ‘Quick & Smart’ starting from his daily routines till catching up his other adhoc activities.

Given all of this, haven’t we ever thought of being predictive and adaptive to the changing trends of the Job Market? What are the modes, we would prefer to look for opportunities when it comes to #Career?? Most of us are (not to be hitched, it’s the fact) still hoping for that #RIGHT #JOB to be flashed on our PC screen or paper ads and awaiting the miracle to happen. If it doesn’t, (of course it will never, given the current fast pacing trend) we blame the system, economy, industry and what not!!

We need to stop blaming these superstitions, as the economy is positively encouraging, there are more jobs & industries than before. Still, there is something wrong in spotting that right job. Have we ever thought about it? If we think, the solution is right within us, it’s in our hands! Hope, we are not superstitious again here by checking palmistry.

We need to be Smart enough to get what it means here; Yes, we are talking about your mobile device which is so attached to you all the way. Its time to upgrade into – ‘Mobile Recruitment’! Be smart enough to find your jobs in smartphones, and get the paths changed.

Mobile recruitment is one of the fastest & hottest growing trends and in 2014, more than 70% of the job seekers are already using their smartphones to get hired; more than 51% of the jobs are on mobile, even the public sectors have started posting their vacancies in mobile sites.  And job seekers can apply to the jobs on the go, on the run.

So, where are we left behind? It’s not too late to start even now.

And if you feel you are one of them to be left behind, keep in pace with others by  accessing Gotkaam!

Gotkaam – an exclusive mobile search platform for job seekers and employers to find in what they want. Users in Gotkaam, are much ahead in the race, as they don’t even have to upload a lengthy resume, instead they need to update their #SKILLETS which help them find the jobs right in the smartest way!

#Run #Smart, to get yourself a space in the #Gotkaam race!!

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Skillet, Ur Resume Mini-Me!!

Mini Me-2

The most crucial & first part in finding a job is creating a ‘RESUME’. It doesn’t carry words, but your worth!

Yes, a resume is the sole representation of a person’s experience, skill and abilities; it speaks on behalf of an individual.  May be because of all these facts both employers and job seekers have always given much importance to the CVs on any given time.

We can still look back & laugh at the time each of us had spent in making our first career template – a CV; mostly of cut, copy and paste stuffs!

When job seekers became cautious in making their cut, copy & paste CVs, employers have also become more detective in finding the real & fake resume. Then the job seekers were consulting resume writers to make their CV look unique and informative. Given so much of importance to CV, a job seeker needs to create his/her resume in such a way which attracts a recruiter to run behind.

But on any given time, the myth about writing a resume is simple: 3 important things to note – Content, Look & feel, short & crisp

Content: It should cover individual’s experience, knowledge and other personal information necessary to know. The Content should be keyword rich to be shown in the search results.

Look & feel: The look & feel of a resume is very important to make the viewers read through. Pay attention the font, size and style. Avoid using flashy colors

Short & crisp: Content to be presented in nutshell. A resume should be maximum of a page or 2.

Though most of the resume gurus talk the same and we are also aware of creating such CVs and making it a hit, gone are the days where resume have been written with all the said above. As the technology boomed, it shrunk everything and resume were not spared!

A recent study revealed a fact that the recruiters on an average take only less than 1/2 minute to get through a person’s resume in their busy schedule. So even the above said myths won’t work with the current trend. Job hunters need to be extremely smart in making their presence active in the job market.

Gotkaam has put an end to it by allowing the job seekers to update a 140 character skillet (skill set) as his/her resume. Some one need not be stressed about the font, style, content etc…He just have to make himself live with Gotkaam, enter his skillets highlighted by Hashtags(#) and start hunting!!

Say, #android developer #4yrs exp in #java #ejb # struts working in #Bangalore #30 days notice expecting #6lpa

This is how the 2014 resume looks like! Skillets, your resume mini-me!!

(Ofcourse, Gotkaam has made it even simpler by going mobile! Updating the skillets is on the jobseeker’s smart phones!)


Gotkaam on IOS, a right move!

It’s hard when reality strikes that too with facts and figures. Hard for only those who are out of sync. And it’s a solid reassurance for someone like me who is in favor of.Gotkaam, on iphones

Yes, a recent report reveals the fact that the total number of iphones sold are far beyond the overall sales of the PCs in 2013 across the globe.

This data is not only a striking factor but a stunning factor to most of us. It assures me again and again that ‘MOBILE’ is the market for ‘Present’ and ‘The Future’ too. I keep saying to myself, ‘Yeah, I’m on the right move!’

Gone are the days when people access internet via PCs. Why would someone want to sit in front of a big screen for info, when it’s available on the go?  Accessibility, speed and cost are the 3 real push factors for this greatest switch.

Although there have been a fierce competition in mobile phone market, be it the handset brands or the operating software like android, windows, blackberry etc; iphone didn’t win by a nose but by a larger margin.

iTunes, iSight, iCloud, ultrafast data connectivity, its standard OS and on top of everything the “BRAND” make it outstanding compared to any other smartphones in the market…………and, it goes viral day by day. This smart-revolution or rather i-revolution hits the PCs as well. Slowly, people are getting more and more closer to iPhones cornering the big screens of their PCs.

This trend shows the market for mobile & mobility. Gosh! I would have been left unnoticed if I’m not on Smartphones…especially on iphones.

Glad, I’m Mobile! I’m IOS!